Wedding – a love story 13 years in the making!

It’s my brother’s wedding in 3 days time!

When I tell you this wedding has been a long time coming it’s an understatement.  These two have loved each other since they were 16…… they are both now 29!

I’ve been trying to get Aimee to marry my brother for the 12 years I’ve known her.

Not only because she has always been like a little sister to me but also because they make each other happy.

I’ve seen them both in other relationships and watched the ups and downs from the sidelines always hoping one day they would get their acts together and give each other a shot!

I say sidelines but let’s be honest I ‘may’ have meddled a little bit in forcing them together.  But on this occasion I’m not sorry!

As completely over the moon and excited as I’ve been for Marcus & Aimee I’ve also tried really hard not to get overly opinionated when it comes to decisions surrounding their wedding.

Why is it that when anyone gets married people in general lose their minds?!

I was really lucky that when I got married we were allowed to make the decisions that were right for us to have the day we wanted.  No compromise.

As you probably already know I’m not shy to say what I think.  I try really hard not to be nasty but to be honest and authentic.

Our wedding was not super traditional.  There were elements of a ‘normal’ wedding that just didn’t work for us.

For example – My Dad & Step-Dad walked me down the aisle together.

I’m sure it wasn’t what my Dad had envisioned.  My decision wasn’t made with malice or disrespect.  It was true to our family set up and important to me not to do anything on our wedding day because anyone else said we should.

We didn’t have a traditional top table.  Our speeches weren’t traditional and we chose not to have posed photographs.

I wouldn’t change a single thing about our wedding day.

It’s my wish is that everyone else has the same experience that we had.

The only thing I think that is stressful about getting married is other people.

I don’t think anyone should have the right to dictate how two people choose to start their lives together.

If they want to elope just the two of them on a desert island – awesome.

If they want to have the most lavish wedding and invite everyone they’ve ever met in their lives – awesome.

I’m not sure why anyone assumes they should be part of someone’s wedding day.  Or have a particular role in it.  Or bring anyone who hasn’t been invited.

Being invited to someone’s wedding is an honor and a privilege not a given!  I hope everyone takes a moment to remind themselves of that next time they feel put out by someone else’s decision.

It’s my 3 year wedding anniversary next month.

So Marcus & Aimee I want to share with you a few things I learned from my wedding day;

1 – It’s true what they say – it all goes so quickly!

This incredible day that you’ve both been dreaming of since you met and planning meticulously for the last 2 years is finally here!  Make sure you both take a moment to step back and take it in.  Go for a walk away from everyone else even if it’s just for a few minutes – trust me, it might be the only time you really spend together all day!

2 – Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Not everything will go to plan but that’s ok!  You can’t control everything or everyone.  Just remind yourselves that as long as the two of you walk out as husband and wife everything else is a bonus 🙂

3 – This is just the beginning!

I know you are worried about the wedding blues and not wanting this experience to end.  Trust me when I tell you this is just the beginning of the best adventure you will both have in your lives.  It will never be perfect and it doesn’t need to be.  There will be amazing times and there will be awful times but in the end there will just be the two of you.

I’m so proud of you both for following your hearts and making the decision to spend your lives together.

I love you both so much and can’t wait to celebrate with you on Saturday….


Your sister xx

3 thoughts on “Wedding – a love story 13 years in the making!”

  1. Well said Lucy just as you said it should be. Looking forward to this wonderful day that’s taken so long. See you aaturday

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