Parental responsibility

I believe it is a parents responsibility to raise their child.

There you go I said it.  I’m unapologetic for my opinions on this one so if you don’t feel like this is a post that speaks to you then look away now….. sorry, not sorry.

Our children’s manners are our responsibility.

Their attitude is our responsibility.

Ultimately our children’s behaviour is our responsibility.

There is continued debate over nature vs nurture.

I completely agree that some characteristics are fundamentally part of a person’s DNA.

Isla most definitely has a hot temper and a strong sense of independence.  Those parts of her will never change – I wouldn’t want them to.  As her mother it’s my job to teach her how to manage her frustrations and learn when to swallow her pride and ask for help.

Just because a child behaves a certain way doesn’t mean we can’t influence that behaviour until they are responsible for their own actions.

Fundamentally we are responsible for the kind of adults we want to take over this world.  Just think of the world we can create if we teach ur children to be kind, strong, brave & socially responsible.

I’ve talked before about the massive sense of responsibility that every one of my actions has a huge impact on my little girl and the woman she will one day become.

So when did it become the norm that teachers, caregivers, grandparents or peers were accountable for the actions of our children?

I’m fortunate to know some incredible adults who teach the next generation of this world.  I’m honestly shocked at some of the things they are expected to deal with in addition to teaching our children.

The way I see it if you set examples and boundaries at home the only expectation you should have of others is to help to enforce those in your absence.

You should be able to expect someone taking care of your child to help them follow the rules. 

You shouldn’t expect them to set the rules.

A major thing I’ve been hearing about recently is safeguarding children’s online activities.

I believe this is ultimately a parents responsibility.

Not teachers, peers or social media admin.

Parents are facing new challenges today with access to social media.  Just as our parents faced new challenges with the availability of mobiles when we were younger.

Most schools offer online safeguarding sessions or information – we need to get involved!

How is this topic not more important?

I’d like to think that when Isla is old enough to be using social media I will make sure I understand the ins and outs of whatever platform she is using so I can teach her to use it safely.

I will want to know who she is talking to and what they are talking about.

Failing that I’ll probably log into her accounts while she is asleep and make sure there is nothing untoward.

I’m not sure whether I could care less if that attitude is deemed to be overbearing or that I’m invading her privacy.  If that stops someone bullying her or god forbid grooming her then I’m ok with that.

We have to think about these online outlets comparatively.

Would any of us stand with our child in a room full of people and watch them be bullied without stepping in?

Would you stand by and watch an adult lure them away?

Fundamentally it is our job as parents to protect our children.

We have to take responsibility for them until they can be responsible for themselves.

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