Moving on up

Last night I needed a LARGE glass of red wine.

Scrap that I actually could have done with a bottle!

Why I thought it was a good idea to pick yesterday to move Isla from a cot to a bed is beyond me.

We were having one of those days.

I was that mum doing the shopping while her grotbag child screamed the entire time.   She even shouted “NO” in a strangers face when they said how cute she was…. Yep I bet you changed your mind now eh love!?

I was also that mum that whispering in my daughters ear “I swear to god Isla you better stop shouting and calm down – I’ve had enough!”.

I was as annoyed at Isla yesterday for her attitude as I was for my own stupid planning and organising.  Usually I’m pretty good at getting it together and picking up exactly what I need when I’m out.  But no, yesterday I was clearly more interested in picking out a nice new duvet cover than I was getting a bed guard to stop her falling out and breaking her neck in the middle of the night.


And of course I hadn’t realised that I’d forgotten the bed guard until Ash had taken down the sides of the cot bed after he got back from work.  So off he went while I did Isla’s dinner and by the time he was back and we’d eaten it was already bedtime.

Give. Me. Strength.

Why is it putting something together is always a million times more difficult when you are tired & emotional!?  It was bad enough I was attempting to help Ash get it sorted – Isla decided she also needed to “help”.  I never imagined myself saying “please put down the allen key” to a 1 year old.

By the time it was finished it was 9pm – Isla had thrown so many tantrums and was so exhausted from testing getting in and out of the new bed that when we turned off the lights she went straight to sleep.

I was pretty sure we were in for a sleepless night putting her back into bed every 5 minutes or saving her from getting stuck between the guard and the bed.

So when we woke up a 6:50 to a little voice calling for “MAAAAM” I figured I must be dreaming.

She did it!

She actually slept the entire night in her new bed without getting out once!

Tonight may be a different story but for any of you thinking about making the move here are my 5 top tips for success

  1. Forget to buy a bed guard
  2. Get super stressed out that you forgot to buy one and rush out last minute to buy whichever one is available
  3. Let toddler climb in and out and in and out of the new bed what feels like a thousand times
  4. Take well over an hour to put bed guard together
  5. Wait till toddler is so tired and exhausted they would literally sleep anywhere – pop into new bed, read a story and sneak out

And with that you should be guaranteed a full nights sleep.

You’re welcome peeps!

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  1. Hoping you get a repeat performance tonight – the sleeping through bit not the super stressful start! You’ve earned the wine! Good luck xx

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