Mum – an open letter on your Birthday.

Today is my Mum’s birthday so what better time to write a little post dedicated to her!

I know a lot of people say their Mum is their best friend but I can honestly say that mine is.

She is the one I call first when the best or worst things happen in my life.  Even the mundane things when I just need to talk.

Even though she has a million things to do and I’m annoying her she still makes time for me!

Thanks Mum

My mum is the one I go to for advice on everything.

She’s the one who’s opinion matters most to me.

She is also the one who has never let me down or disappointed me in life.  There’s not a lot of people that can claim that right!?

I’m so incredibly lucky to have her in my life – her love and support is one of the main reasons I’m able to juggle work & motherhood.

I mean how many people’s mum’s not only look after their toddler 2 days a week but also overnight??


This not only means I’m guaranteed one uninterrupted full nights sleep a week but also means Ash & I get some quality time together. Something I believe is so important to keep a marriage on track.

When Isla is with her Nanny I never have to worry.  I don’t ever feel like my rules are undermined.  Isla is just as safe and loved as if she was with me.

Mum never puts herself first.


I’m sure my brothers will allow me to speak for them as well when I say this;


The things you do never go unnoticed or unappreciated.

We could never tell you enough how amazing you are or how much you mean to us.

You raised us to believe we could be anything, do anything, love anyone who makes us happy.

You’ve always let us make our own mistakes and learn our own lessons.

You are the one who we know will fix us when we are broken. Who will love us unconditionally, always.

You are my icon.

You are the strongest, bravest, kindest and most beautiful woman I know inside and out.

I love you Mumma – Happy Birthday xx

3 thoughts on “Mum – an open letter on your Birthday.”

  1. Wow! Thank you for making me cry on my birthday, Think you have been over generous with your words, but thank you anyway, lots of love Mum xx

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