Curly hair don’t care – 3 top tips for maintaining the mane!

My daughter has the most beautiful curly hair!

But other than being super thick those gorgeous curls are nothing like my hair.  Her hair is also nothing like her Daddy’s.  It’s not afro but it absolutely needs more attention and management than I’ve ever needed!

I’m lucky I have a lot of amazing women around me who have given advice and recommendations.  It’s taken two years of trying various products/techniques to feel pretty confident about what I’m doing.

Since mixed race hair varies so much I thought I’d share some of my top tips for anyone who might need them!

Before hair french plait
dry curly hair out of plait
Hair down before washing

This is what we started with….

curly hair wet

Step 1 – Condition, condition, condition!

It was so alien to me to put such huge amounts of conditioner on Isla’s curly hair as if I ever did that with mine it would be super oily.

Trust me when I say I have to use about 2 handfuls of conditioner each time.  I also only use shampoo on her hair about once a week (again something that took me a while to get my head around)

curly hair with conditioner
Conditioned curls

The most I will wash her hair is 3 times a week – once with shampoo & conditioner and twice just wet & condition.

I had been using the L’Oréal Kids Conditioner Gorgeous Grape which smells gorgeous!  I think that as nice as this conditioner is, it really designed for normal hair so I’ve recently started using products which are made for curly/mixed race hair.

The latest one I am using is Palmers Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner.

It is a lot thicker than the L’Oreal Kids so I’m hoping I might have to use less of it as it is more intense.

I’ve also used a few other products from the Palmers coconut oil hair range that have been really good so hoping this will also compliment those.

Step 2 – NEVER brush or style dry curly hair!

I’ve found using a large tooth comb is the best.  I only ever put that comb near her head when it is wet and COVERED in conditioner.

Start from the bottom and work your way to the roots when brushing.  It takes time but it will make the process much less painful….. for both of you!

clean conditioned curly hair
Finished clean hair

Step 3 – Try not to hit your child across the head with the comb

If your little one is anything like mine then they will lose their tiny minds when you try to brush out any knots because untangling thick, ringlet curls takes time…. Isla has repeatedly swiped the comb away from me which has resulted in the comb getting stuck and pulling her hair which only makes her fight with me more.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve uttered the words “Do you want DREADLOCKS?!?!? Because that is what is happening if you do not let me brush your hair!”

Most of the time her response is yes…

Once Isla’s hair is washed, conditioned and combed through I’ll VERY LIGHTLY towel dry then usually add some lotion or oils and let it dry naturally.  I’ve never blow dried it.

Here is a list of some of the products I’ve tried to style with

My biggest issue with keeping Isla’s hair looking nice between washes is that it gets super flat and frizzy when she sleeps.

I’ve been following the very lovely UK Curly Girl on Instagram and reading her blog which is fab and really informative!

Here is my first attempt at twist outs inspired by one of UK Curly Girl’s vlogs.  I haven’t got it perfect yet but I think its a pretty cute style that will help keep her curls conditioned and moisturized.

curly hair twist out

Let me know if you have any tips & tricks for curly hair and watch this space for new product reviews!

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